McCain / Palin

Woot! I am one of the many Republicans who did not support John McCain in the primary election because, in my view, he was not as conservative as I would prefer. Of course I still would have voted for him in the general election, as I can't imagine a candidate much worse than Barack Obama- someone with zero executive experience, very little legislative experience, and a limited voting record bordering between indecisive and extremely liberal.

John McCain, however, is a very dedicated man, with an indisputable record of service and sacrifice for the United States. When he was shot down over Vietnam, captured, and tortured- the Vietcong offered McCain early release due to his father's position as an Admiral, but McCain refused, until other prisoners of war were released who had been there longer than he had. That is true dedication. Its doubtful many Americans today would make the same decision.
McCain undoubtedly made the best choice he could have in choosing Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate. I, like many in the Republican Party, was re-energized when she was selected. She is a true conservative with a record to back her up. She cleaned house in Alaska as governor, firing many corrupt state officials. She has, in my opinion, the best experience anyone can have for president- and that is as governor of a state, especially a complex state like Alaska. She has an amazing 80+% approval rating in Alaska. She is far more experienced than Barack Obama in every sense of the word. I find it incredibly hypocritical for Democrats to question Sarah Palin's experience when their own presidential candidate has far less governement experience and NO executive expereince, like she has. Particularly since she is the vice presidential candidate, not the presidential candidate like Obama.

Barack Obama stands for everything I despise... abortion, bigger government, more regulation, higher taxes, gun control, class warfare, redistribution of wealth, a weak military, appeasement, etc. Obama can be summed up as being anti-freedom. He is opposed to individuals making their own choices, as opposed to government making them for you- except when it comes to infanticide- he even voted against a ban on partial birth abortion- a truly barbaric practice.
He is very charasmatic... unfortunately, what he says depends on who he is talking to. He is very two faced. In stark contrast are John McCain and Sarah Palin who are straight talkers who say what they mean and mean what they say.

To me, the choice for President is extremely clear. If you don't believe me, hear what Obama's own party has to say about McCain...


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