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The Urban Bubble of Dependence

We are living in a world that, only in the last few years, since roughly 2008, there are now more people living in urban environments rather than rural ones.  In my view this is alarming because it means that the population is becoming even more disconnected from the reality of existence than has historically been the case.  We as a society have now become more dependent upon one another than ever before in history.  As recently as a couple hundred years ago, or just a handful of generations, if you wanted to eat chicken, you raised them, grew them, slaughtered them, cooked them and ate them.  Your chickens laid eggs, you milked your cows, you hunted and raised a garden.  You chopped firewood to provide for your own heat, and you grew cotton, dried it, spun it, and wove it to create clothing.  You built your home out of trees and logs that you cut and fashioned with basic tools and your own bare hands.  You might gain the help of your family or your church community for large jobs, suc