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Destiny of the Dollar

It is critical that we understand the basic economic mechanisms that dictate our daily lives so that we understand what is really going on around us, and why we are standing on a house of cards.  Let's start out with some very basic definitions.   Wealth is the accumulated value of the sum of your time and freedom.  In other words, when you decide to sacrifice some of your time and/or freedom to benefit others in society, you are rewarded with money, which you can then use to purchase time and freedom from others, i.e. goods or services.  Those goods were produced through the expenditure of someone's time to obtain or refine resources.  For example, mining ore takes someone's time.  Refining that ore into stronger materials takes someone else's time.  Refining that into something useful, such as a sword, takes yet more time and skills.  When you trade your money for a good such as a sword, you are paying for all of the time that went into the collection and refineme