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First Principles of Conservatism

We conservatives are sometimes misunderstood and frequently misrepresented by those on the left, including mainstream media and by others with a political agenda that run diametrically opposed to what we believe and stand for.  So what do we believe?  What do we stand for?  Let's have a look. We believe in God, our almighty creator, the ultimate source of love and good in the world. We believe that all humans were created equal, in God's image, with his divine spirit and that all human life is sacred. We believe that we are a reflection of God's spirit on Earth and it is our duty to promote good and confront evil wherever it is found. We do not believe it is our right, or calling, to force a particular religion or viewpoint on others. We believe that the founders of America were intelligent, perhaps divinely inspired, in their principles that were codified in the American Constitution. We believe in absolute truth, and justice based on that truth which is sought out above a