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Colonialism and Imperialism

Modern liberals speak of colonialism, empires, and imperialism with disdain as if colonies and empires were established for the sole purpose of control, destruction, and terror - and this is simply not true.  As you may know, over a quarter of the population of the world and over a quarter of the world's land surface was ruled by the British Empire- more than any other empire in the history of the world.  The world owes a debt to the British that will likely never be fully appreciated.  Just a few of the accomplishments of the British Empire follow: Establishment of a uniform rule of law and contracts, which protected individual rights and property, allowing economic progress in areas of the world that had never known such stability. Many areas governed by the British were rife with infighting and tribalism, and never rose to the point where they could accomplish great things.  The British changed this for many areas of the world today by providing order and stability. Militar

The Next Big Thing(s)

For those of you who know me, you know that I've been using technology my entire life.  I believe technology has dramatically revolutionized the world and is continuing to do so.  Technology, as I mentioned in my previous blog posts, enables humans to be more powerful, informed, and productive.  What that means is that technology amplifies the good and the bad in people, but as a whole, I think it would be hard to argue that technology has not improved the lives of billions of people around the world today. As a child, I used a TI-99 computer and later a 386DX PC.  I also grew up around the IBM 'big iron' that my dad worked with as a Computer Operator.  Still, as I expanded my interests and as I became a teenager, I became very interested in technologies like cellphones, ham radios, scanners, GPS technology, and of course- the Internet with the power that it brings including the web, email, instant messaging, etc.  Each platform is very useful for their specific tasks, b