A Frustrated Population

What happened today with protestors storming the Capitol Building should not be at all surprising. I've been warning this would happen for some time now. Americans see an election process with procedures that were not approved by state legislatures (as required by the Constitution) which resulted in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots that could not be observed and that statistical analysis demonstrated to be fraudulent. Americans are being taught that they can't trust the ballot box. Americans take their evidence and grievances to the media, who laugh at them and suppress their claims and evidence. Americans share their evidence and grievances on social media where they are suppressed and blocked. On YouTube, for example, you can't say that there was election fraud that affected the election, or your account will be banned. Americans are being taught that they can't trust the soap box. Americans then take their evidence and grievances to the courts, where the

First Principles of Conservatism

We conservatives are sometimes misunderstood and frequently misrepresented by those on the left, including mainstream media and by others with a political agenda that run diametrically opposed to what we believe and stand for.  So what do we believe?  What do we stand for?  Let's have a look. We believe in God, our almighty creator, the ultimate source of love and good in the world. We believe that all humans were created equal, in God's image, with his divine spirit and that all human life is sacred. We believe that we are a reflection of God's spirit on Earth and it is our duty to promote good and confront evil wherever it is found. We do not believe it is our right, or calling, to force a particular religion or viewpoint on others. We believe that the founders of America were intelligent, perhaps divinely inspired, in their principles that were codified in the American Constitution. We believe in absolute truth, and justice based on that truth which is sought out above a

5G and the History of Cellular Networks

There is a conspiracy theory floating around, and being circulated by people who should know better, that 5G causes [insert ailment here].  Some people take this conspiracy so far as to blame 5G for COVID-19. We need to talk a bit about RF history here.  I've been interested in radio frequencies and technology for most of my life, both personally and professionally.  When I was a teenager, I became interested in radio scanners and found the radio spectrum fascinating, in terms of all of the information that was literally in the air around us, and the different behavior of different frequency bands.  Using my scanner, I could pick up all kinds of signals from police, fire, corporate radio systems, security, and even cordless phones and cellular phones, not that I did so.  This led to obtaining my amateur radio license in 1996.  As an amateur "ham" radio operator I learned to use VHF and UHF repeaters, direction finding, and volunteered with the county Emergency Manage

Normalcy Bias

I want to discuss a topic that is both fascinating and yet concerning to me.  That topic is normalcy bias.  I consider myself to be both logical and data driven - I look at the facts, and the data, and draw conclusions from that data.  I use the best sources that I can for that data, as close to the original sources as possible - taking the media and hearsay out of the equation as much as possible.  I haven't watched traditional news media regularly for years, as they are tend to have their own agendas and often focus on sensationalism and hype. I have observed a psychologically extreme reaction in some people when I, or others, discuss topics that threaten to disturb their normal routine or world view.  I have seen this when talking about things like the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), coronal mass ejection (CME), or even coronavirus (COVID-19).  All of these things, and many others, have the potential to disrupt one's normal routines.   Normalcy bias is a ten

Coronavirus / COVID-19

There is a lot of misinformation out there and hype around the Novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.  Based on my research of this issue, t here are many people over-reacting, and also many people under-reacting to this threat.  At this stage, in March of 2020, the virus has effectively spread to such an extent that containment is not possible.  For the latest numbers, check the Johns Hopinks GIS tracking system .  As of right now, the total confirmed cases are 116,000, and just over 4000 deaths.  If we calculate the death rate from the confirmed cases, we come to roughly 3.5%.  That means that based on the confirmed numbers so far, 3.5% of those infected have died.  That said , there are probably more cases than this that have not been confirmed or reported, which means that the death rate could be a bit lower on average - perhaps as low as 2.5%, based on some reports.  But in some countries such as Italy, the death rate is as high as 5% as the heath care system becomes overwh

Is Your Bible Wrong?

This may come as a shock, but if you are using a modern English translation of the Bible, the Old Testament that you are reading has been intentionally corrupted.  It is not the version that Jesus and the Apostles used.  I will reveal who corrupted it and why in a bit.    Nearly all modern English translations of the Old Testament are based on the corrupted Hebrew Masoretic text, including the KJV, NASB, NIV, ESV, etc. I believe that the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible, were written by Moses in paleo-Hebrew aka proto-Sinaitic, and I agree with Dr. Douglas Petrovich, Dr. David Rohl and others that Hebrew was the world's first alphabet. We have evidence of this alphabet in use in Wadi el-Hol and elsewhere around the time of Joseph prior to the Exodus. To quote Dr. Rohl: " took the multilingual skills of an educated Hebrew prince of Egypt to turn these simple first scratchings into a functional script, capable of transmitting complex ideas and a flowing

Unintended Consequences

People will always do what are in their own best interests.  Free market capitalism has been successful largely because it takes advantage of this fact of human nature to serve the needs of others through the profit motive.  However, when this is done artificially through government edict, history is replete with  government policies creating disastrous outcomes.   For example, colonial Delhi, India wanted to eradicate cobras in the city, so they offered a bounty to people to hunt the cobras, which worked at first, but then people started breeding cobras to continue receiving the bounty after the wild cobras were gone.  The government then removed the bounty, and people set their cobras free, resulting in an even larger cobra problem.  This is called the Cobra Effect.  There are myriad examples of the unintended consequences of government policies, from seat belt and airbag laws making it more dangerous for pedestrians, to payday lending laws driving up interest rates, to anti-price g