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McCain / Palin

Woot! I am one of the many Republicans who did not support John McCain in the primary election because, in my view, he was not as conservative as I would prefer. Of course I still would have voted for him in the general election, as I can't imagine a candidate much worse than Barack Obama- someone with zero executive experience, very little legislative experience, and a limited voting record bordering between indecisive and extremely liberal. John McCain, however, is a very dedicated man, with an indisputable record of service and sacrifice for the United States. When he was shot down over Vietnam, captured, and tortured- the Vietcong offered McCain early release due to his father's position as an Admiral, but McCain refused, until other prisoners of war were released who had been there longer than he had. That is true dedication. Its doubtful many Americans today would make the same decision. McCain undoubtedly made the best choice he could have in choosing Sarah Palin as his