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Why Gun Control Is Not Acceptable

After a mass shooting, predictably, the mainstream media and many leftists came after anyone who dared to defend gun rights and the Constitution and stand in their way of a plethora of gun control proposals - none of which, even gun control proponents like Dianne Feinstein admit, would have prevented the shootings.  None of which, most gun owners agree, would pass Constitutional muster.  Europe, with extraordinarily strict gun control regulations in place, has more mass shooting deaths per-capita than the United States.  The US has a homicide rate less than over a hundred other nations- nearly all of which have strict gun control laws in place.  Nevertheless, many on the left scream for the government to 'do something' to solve the problem.  To many on the right, asking the government to solve any problem is akin to asking a dog to solve an algebra equation - it's simply not possible, nor in this case is it legal.  If homicides or suicides were a crime that gun control cou