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Who Owns Your Child?

When it comes to our children, humans are naturally wired to be protective and caring.  Therefore, when it comes to discussions about the well-being and protection of our children, it's natural that these are some of the most emotionally charged discussions we can have.  These topics can include health care, education, and other decisions relating to the care of our children. A family in Chandler, Arizona was recently thrust into the news as a result of just such a situation.  Their two year old son experienced a fever.  As concerned parents, they took their child to the doctor.  The doctor observed a 105 degree fever, and took note that the parents opted not to vaccinate their children.  The doctor, fearing that it could be meningitis, recommended that the parents take the child to the emergency room (ER).  However, to the parents' relief, shortly after they left the doctor's office, the child's fever dropped (to 102 degrees) and the child was behaving normally, so t

Left-wing Mass Shooters

I write this in the aftermath of the mass shooting in New Zealand, in which Brenton Torrant shot and killed 49 people in a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The mass media, and leftist politicians are claiming that he is "right-wing" which could not be further from the truth.  The shooter published an 87 page manifesto which can be found online.  In it, he supports the following positions: He is a self-described racist who does not support the immigration of non-whites to 'white' countries. He states that "it's his plan all along" that his attack will result in calls for the "removal of gun rights from whites in the United States."  He hopes that this will lead to gun control which will result in a civil war in the US that he believes will be on racial lines.   He hopes that the self-destruction of the US will inhibit the ability of the US to project military power, to prevent the US from supporting non-white nations and groups (he cite

The Local Control Excuse

There are some people who mistakenly argue that local government, by virtue of being local, is somehow allowed to violate individual rights.  Some will even argue that when state and local governments conflict, that the 'conservative' position is to support the local government regardless of the issue.  That is, frankly, absurd.   The relationship between the states and the federal government is the exact inverse of the relationship of the states and local governments.  The federal government was created by the people and the states, with a very limited scope as laid out in Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution.  Conversely, local governments are merely political subdivisions of the state - created by the state and, like the federal government, assigned limited governmental duties.  Local governments did not form state governments and state governments are in no way subservient to local governments.  The primary duty of both the federal and state governments, as defin