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Who are the Elohim?

Elohim is a word peppered throughout the Old Testament (OT) Bible in the original Hebrew, which is typically mistranslated to English as God but as we shall see, there is a big difference between the elohim of the OT and the one true God of Jesus. For many, what you are about to read will be dramatic paradigm shift that will change your worldview.  I want to reassure Christians that your belief in Jesus Christ and the God of Jesus Christ will remain intact, but as you will learn, much of what you may have been taught to believe is not as you were told.  Everything in this article is based on the Bible.  It is our duty as believers  to discern that which is true from that which is false.   I encourage you to use a reverse interlinear Bible (showing the original Hebrew text and transliteration next to the English translation) to confirm everything I cite here.  I personally use Logos for this, but there are a few free options available such as the Blue Letter Bible .  Do not simply take