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Congratulations to Obama / God Save the Country

It's been a little over a week now that Barack Obama has officially won the 2008 US Presidential Election. I was disheartened on election night, and shocked the next morning when I saw that even my relatively conservative state of Indiana went for Obama. Nevertheless, his election is indeed historic and my congratulations go out to him. Though I find it ironic that the first black President is a Democrat. Afterall, the Republican Party was responsible for the freeing of the slaves and the racial equality we all share today. Obama does seem like a decent person- a 'likable' sort of a guy, and perhaps this is why he was elected- on the basis of charisma alone. However, that said, he is a very freighning politician- one of the most liberal US Senators to ever hold the office. The question now is how will he govern as president. Will he govern as a centrist, as he promised during the election? Or will he break yet another promise and return to his liberal roots in the Democrati