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Why Wyoming?

As most of you know, our home near Evansville, Indiana is up for sale and we plan to move our family to Wyoming.  Many people unfamiliar with Wyoming ask "why" (usually by those who have never been there) and so rather than replying in an ad-hoc fashion, I thought it would be easier to answer "why" here in a comprehensive response.  Some of these reasons are specific to the area of Wyoming we are most interested in, namely Sheridan, Wyoming.  Without further ado, here is the list: Freedom.  According to most indices, Wyoming is among the freest states in the nation.  There are no firearm restrictions to speak of.  While they offer a handgun carry permit for purposes of reciprocity with other states, it's not required.  So long as you would qualify for the permit, you can carry without a permit in the state, open or concealed, just about anywhere.  Thanks to the 2010 change in federal law, that includes National Parks and Monuments, excluding 'feder

The Division of America

From its earliest beginnings, the idea of America united the thirteen British Colonies.  There were many British subjects who took umbrage with the heavy hand of King George and the Crown's policies as they were were applied in the Colonies.  These frustrations accumulated over time to the point where they became intolerable and more and more Colonists decided they had had enough, until eventually they got together and decided to declare independence from Great Britain.  That idea, the spark that ignited what was to become the United States of America, was based on a set of shared principles and values.  Those principles are what have held Americans together as a nation all these years, and resulted in the most powerful and productive nation the world has ever seen.  Unfortunately, most of these principles have now been forgotten.  They are no longer taught, and the majority of voters no longer understand freedom, the Constitution (and thus the proper role of government), and their