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On Jobs and the Debt Ceiling

One thing that tends to annoy me to no end is politicians talking about jobs and promising job creation. First, politicians cannot create jobs- at least not real jobs. People besieging the President to 'create jobs' are misguided at best, socialists at worst. The only jobs that politicians have the power to create are government jobs. The President can create 10,000 IRS jobs for example, with the snap of his finger, as long as Congress approves the budget to fund them. However the problem with this is that the funding has to come from somewhere- and it comes from taxpayers. Taxes fund government. Thus, to create 10,000 government jobs, the money has to be taken away from millions of Americans who would have used that money to better their lives and families by spending or investing that money, thereby creating REAL jobs- private sector jobs. Thus the creation of government jobs results in at least the same number of private-sector jobs being eliminated. After all, if a