A Frustrated Population

What happened today with protestors storming the Capitol Building should not be at all surprising. I've been warning this would happen for some time now.

Americans see an election process with procedures that were not approved by state legislatures (as required by the Constitution) which resulted in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots that could not be observed and that statistical analysis demonstrated to be fraudulent. Americans are being taught that they can't trust the ballot box.
Americans take their evidence and grievances to the media, who laugh at them and suppress their claims and evidence. Americans share their evidence and grievances on social media where they are suppressed and blocked. On YouTube, for example, you can't say that there was election fraud that affected the election, or your account will be banned. Americans are being taught that they can't trust the soap box.
Americans then take their evidence and grievances to the courts, where they are frequently dismissed without even being given a hearing. 20 states take their case to the Supreme Court who then unconstitutionally ignores the request which was made under original jurisdiction. Americans are being taught they can't trust the jury box.
As a reminder, "There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order." What do you expect to happen when the first three are no longer available? Americans tried all three, and were ignored and ridiculed by the media, the courts, and the establishment. We can't just ignore and suppress the will of 80 million Americans and expect them to take their ball and go home. We are fortunate that what happened today appears to have been mostly peaceful except for a woman sadly shot by DC police.
This is a wakeup call. Don't back people in a corner, don't dismiss them, don't ignore them, don't suppress them. Freedom means free speech to air grievances, a court system to fairly and impartially hear and review evidence, and legal processes by which disputes can be fairly decided according to our Constitutional rights. The Supreme Court can't abrogate their responsibility by telling 20 states that they don't feel like listening to their grievances. We need peaceful Constitutional processes to fairly review and hear evidence and grievances or the people and states will act in ways that will inevitably rip the country apart.


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