The Arrogance of Science and Academia

I just watched a documentary movie which got me quite fired up. The movie is called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed by Ben Stein. The purpose of the movie was to bring to light the 'wall' that many in science/academia have put up regarding thier opinions on evolution. Many of these scientists are so dedicated to the theory of Darwinian evolution that have have excluded the possibility of any other option, including intelligent design. Evolution is a theory, period. It's not a fact, and it cannot be proven, as the film points out. Evolutionists also have no idea how life came to be, initially. According to the Theory of Evolution, there was initially only mud / primordial soup which contained the essential proteins and molecules required for life as we know it to exist. Then- poof- life existed. The problem with this is the odds of this happening- of the amino acids forming in the correct sequence to form a cell- in nature are so improbable that it's essentially impossible. Cells are extraordinarily complex- far more complex than Darwin could have imagined at the time. Scientists have tried to 'replicate' this process of creating life and cannot do it. The argument of those who promote, or at least consider the possibility of Intelligent Design is that something/someone must have aligned the proteins in the primordial soup in the proper sequence to form that first single cell organism- as it could not have 'just happened.' The problem is that so many scientists will hear none of that, they won't even consider it and have a striking hatred or disdain for those scientists who DO consider intelligent design as a possibility. While they aren't the same thing, many who believe in Intelligent Design believe in creationism and God- and the evolutionary scientists can't fathom this possibility, so they simply rant and rave and say it can't be considered- even though it's just as much a possibility as the evolution of goo to life (many say much more so).

I am a Christian, and I believe in creation of life by God. That said, I believe that God must be in perfect harmony with what we discover through science, and ultimately that possibility will be proven by science. God cannot be proven by science by design, hence- faith. For example, the Bible speaks of the six days of creation- however, the greek word that was used in Genesis for 'day' can also mean a period of time, so does that mean God created the universe in six of what we now know as a literal days - I don't necessarily beleive so. Otherwise much in the fossil record and carbon dating is incorrect- which is a possibility- but I think it more likely that we are misinterpreting the Bible. The point to all of this is we, as humans, simply don't know for sure right now. I beleive we will have all of our questions answered by God when we die, and we will know the ultimate truth and have understanding which we as humans simply are not capable of.

What angers me is those scientists and professors who are so arrogant as to insist beyond doubt that their OPINIONS and THEORIES are the correct ones, and they exclude any other opinions- to the point of firing and ostracizing people who believe otherwise. This is not what freedom, and not what science is all about.

These incidents cannot help but to remind me of my college days at the University of Southern Indiana. While most professors were liberal, one English professor had the audacity to fail me based on a paper I wrote on 'Political Correctness' that she disagreed with. I asked her if there were anything wrong with the composition, grammar, etc. and she said nope, I just don't agree with you. That was enough brainwashing for me- I left USI and never wen't back. Today, I'm thankful to be more successful than those professors, despite the lack of a thorough college brainwashing.

There is another great documentary movie, called Indoctrinate U by Evan Coyne Maloney that I watched years ago that reminded me of those days, and of how arrogant and hypocritical liberals can be. They espouse to support free speech but then they do everything within their power- including using the guise of political correctness and harassment policies- to prevent those from speaking their mind and voicing their opinions. I believe in the Constitution, and I agree with Voltaire when he said "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." The right to free speech is the essence of freedom. Scientists and professors who merely disagree with your opinion or theory have no right to shut you out of the conversation, or prevent your ideas and thoughts from being shared with others for consideration.


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