The Party of Freedom

I am a man of deep political convictions, which can be obvious by viewing my web site. I believe deeply in freedom. It's not just a word, and the Constitution is not just a piece of paper, as so many people today seem to believe. I am a Republican, the Grand Ole Party, or, as I like to think of it- The Party of Freedom. Now, such things as political parties and organizations are made up of people, and people are not infalible, and you have exceptions to every rule. I do not agree with every policy or decision of George W. Bush, just as I do not agree with every policy or decision of John McCain. In fact, I wish we had a more conservative cadidate on the GOP ticket this year such as Fred Thompson, or maybe Mike Huckabee. But that does not mean I will not wholehartedly support John McCain for President, because he is my party's nominee, and by far the best man for the job that is running. The Repulibcan Party was founded by abolitionists on the very principles of freedom and freeing the slaves. The Republican Party stands staunchly behind freedom of speech, freedom of the press, free enterprise and businesses unburdened by governtment regulation, freedom of religion, freedom to choose your own destiny, and perhaps most importantly: the right to keep and bear arms- the ultimate guarantee of your own personal freedom. I am proud to belong to the Party of Freedom. While, as I mentioned, I do not agree with everything George W Bush has done as President, I believe wholeheartedly that Bush believed overthrowing Saddam Hussain was the right thing to do for the security of the United States. There is no question Saddam would have launched a WMD attack on the US if he could have, and he was trying desperately to do so. That is not in dispute. Therefore, I believe the War in Iraq was and is completely justified despite the critics that spew the contrary on a daily basis. As a side effect, the people of Iraq are grateful for the freedom we have provied them in stark contrast to the totalitarian dictatorship of Saddam Hussain. Was that justification to go to war by itself? No, but it is consistent with the goals of the GOP and the policies of George W Bush, and I for one am proud of that fact. No matter what happens, or has happened, I believe toppling Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do, without question. In the upcoming election, we have a choice. A choice between the Party of Freedom and the Party of Oppression. The Democratic Party, but not necessarily every Democrat, represents heavy government regulation, registration and confiscation of firearms, massive social welfare (goverment sponsored theft), and a general heavy handed government that the people are completely dependent upon. That is a stark contrast to the Party of Freedom, and Barak Obama is one of the most liberal Senators in the Democratic Party. He takes the party platform seriously, and we can expect him to do great damage to the freeom in America, if elected. I will stay loyal to the Party of Freedom and vote wholehartedly for John McCain.


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