Globalism vs. Americanism

To the "elites" in the political and financial classes of the world, there is nothing more important than ensuring that they have power over the political and financial systems that dominate the globe, so that they may continue to maintain their elite status by perpetuating their power, influence, and economic superiority over the rest of us.  History is replete with deceit and backroom deals made in the halls of power to that end.  In the nineteenth century, those halls were primarily within the world's largest superpower, the British Empire.  There were, however, upstarts in Russia, Germany, and America that endangered that dominance, and so the elites were involved in affairs around the world, but particularly in those growing powers that threatened the dominance of the British Empire.  It made sense for them to hedge their bets, so they were not caught without a chair when the music stopped.

Ultimately, in the twentieth century, power began to shift as Germany challenged British dominance not once but twice during the first half of the century, in both instances with America coming to the aid of the British and tipping the scales to ensure an Anglo-American victory.  However, those conflicts resulted in a weakening of the British Empire, nearly to the breaking point until in 1956 during the Suez Canal crisis, it became obvious that the "superpower" torch had been passed when Britain was forced to yield to American demands and withdraw their troops.  This changing of the guard, however, was not without the blessing of the banking and political elites, since they had already effectively taken control of much of the American political and economic systems.  In 1913, after nearly a century of battles between Americans who believed in economic sovereignty, and global bankers, the bankers finally won out when they convinced the globalist Woodrow Wilson and Congress to create the Federal Reserve Bank, thereby moving the power to create wealth and coin money from the American government to a private banking cartel instead.  This was the beginning of the "globalization" of America, where America was poised to become the dominant world power, which it ultimately became, with the blessing and help of the elites in power who now had a large piece of the pie, and motivation to help make this happen.  Likewise, the elites have invested heavily in American political campaigns, particularly in the past few decades, to maintain control and influence over the world's sole remaining superpower, with the ultimate goal of transcending that status.  

Unfortunately, most Americans were not aware then, and are not aware now, that many of these elites do not share the same American values that many Americans believe in.  Instead, above all else, the primary goal of the elites is simply about perpetuating their power and economic status above all else.  Even many new members of the elite, many who built businesses under the American free market system, and once believed in traditional American values, have abandoned those values.  Once one reaches a certain level of power and status, many begin to become infected with the arrogant notion that they know better than everyone else, that they are superior to ordinary people, and that they cannot be constrained to a particular nation's values or limitations.  Global power and the economic opportunities that go with it are alluring to them.  To someone with a globalist mindset, they believe they are superior to the rest of humanity, and they cannot be constrained by a single nation or something as petty as a Constitution.  The time has now come where many globalists believe that America's usefulness is at an end, and power should be now transferred to a global body that the elites will dominate.  Sovereign nations like America, Russia, and China - and now Britain, following their Brexit vote to leave the European Union, all stand in their way of that goal.

While there are hundreds of elite globalists, one notable individual is George Soros, a Hungarian Jew who escaped the holocaust by posing as a Christian, and collaborating with the Nazis - actually assisting the Nazis in confiscating property from other Jews.  When asked if it was difficult he said "Not at all, it created no problem at all.  No feelings of guilt."  Soros has become a billionaire largely through manipulation of financial markets, including bringing the Bank of England to it's knees in 1992 by selling the pound sterling short and pushing the right buttons to initiate a panic, from which he pocketed over a billion dollars, most of which came ultimately from British taxpayers.  He later did the same thing to Japan in 2012-2013.  Soros also strongly opposes Brexit, the British withdrawal from the European Union, which dramatically weakens the globalist EU body.  Other notable wealthy globalists are Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, David Rockefeller, Eli Broad, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

While campaign contributions in America by globalists has been occurring since the nation's inception, it has grown to such a point that the Democratic Party in the United States today has been essentially co-opted by globalist interests, with Soros and others bankrolling the party and associated leftist causes including Antifa (via the Alliance for Global Justice), Open Society Institute, America Votes, America's Voice (open borders group), Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, ACLU, Media Matters, Moms Demand Action, and many more.  Today, put plainly, Democrats are globalists intent on the subjugation and ultimate destruction of America, and Republicans are Americans intent on preservation of the Constitution and the sovereignty of the United States.  Historically, the parties have disagreed on their visions for the United States, but only recently has a party adopted an overtly anti-American stance altogether.  It has been happening slowly, over time, so much of the public has not picked up on this shift, including many who might still consider themselves to be Democrats.

As previously mentioned, America, being the sole remaining superpower today, is also the primary impediment to the globalist agenda of destroying nation-states and sovereignty in general.  America cannot be realistically conquered militarily or overtly, so those with a globalist agenda have to be creative.  Many other countries have long ago lost belief in themselves, and would gladly give up what shreds of independence and sovereignty they have, in exchange for a seat at the globalist table.  In America, however, there are still millions of Americans who believe in the Constitution, in freedom, and in individual rights, including their right to keep and bear arms, and who will not go quietly into the night, and who will not voluntarily surrender that freedom and those rights.  This is why the left viciously attacks figures who still believe in America and the Constitution such as Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh.  They left does not believe in America and they want to see it implode.  They attack anyone who defends America and believes in American values.  As the globalist protesters chant, "no border, no wall, no USA at all!"  The modern Democratic Party has become the national arm of the globalist agenda.  They strongly support and promote causes that weaken America:
  • Socialism
    • Seize wealth (through taxation) and redistribute it to their causes and supporters
    • Grow the regulatory state (EPA, OSHA, DOT, etc.) to impede economic growth
  • Abortion
    • Eliminate American lives to the tune of 45 million per year
    • Create passionate moral and religious divide among Americans
  • Elimination of Freedom of Speech
    • Label opposition speech "hate speech" or "microaggressions" and shame it
    • Use the media, including leftist social media platforms to censor or attack opposition
  • Elimination of Freedom of Religion
    • Attack religion which can impede the power of the globalist state
    • Promote atheism, immorality, pit religion against one another, i.e. Islam
  • Elimination of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    • Over a hundred million heavily armed American citizens are a huge obstacle to controlling and subduing America.  They must be disarmed.
  • Open Borders, vehemently fight against Voter ID laws
    • Add millions of votes for the Democratic Party and for the globalist agenda
    • Decrease American economic power, destroy the traditional working class
    • Increase crime and internal discord
  • Promotion of Racial / Gender Infighting
    • Support organizations such as Black Lives Matter and fund anti-police protests
    • Use the media to give a 'megaphone' to the KKK, and other white nationalists
    • Support the feminist agenda, use the #metoo movement to target opposition
  • Reduce American Military Power 
    • Reduce budget so equipment will decline as the Russian military has done
    • Shame American service members for their service
  • Climate Change
    • Assert that "climate change" is an existential threat and that it is caused by man
    • Use this to tax or otherwise impede economic growth
All of the above are designed to weaken America's sovereignty, power, cohesiveness, and ability to project sovereign American power that interferes with their globalist agenda.  The modern Democratic Party embraces all of the above.  President Obama worked hard to promote the above agenda and do what he could to weaken America, and he did a lot of damage.  Soros, Bloomberg, and others continue to aggressively fund those causes.  They believe that the United States should be inferior and subordinate to such international organizations as the United Nations and continue to work aggressively to destroy America.  When considering the totality of the party platforms, in comparison to the globalist agenda, this all comes clearly into view.


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