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An Analysis of Gun Control Proponents

This article is intended for those who are pro-gun, so that we might better understand the thoughts and motivations of gun control proponents. It is not intended to explain why the anti-gun position is wrong- I have other articles that do that. In studying anti-gun individuals, I have determined that they all fit into at least one of three groups, and sometimes multiple groups. They are as follows: 1. Ignorant - The first group is simply ignorant of the facts, which is not surprising given the misinformation peddled by the mainstream media. These people can often be educated and turned to our side through the use of facts, statistics, and the application of logic. I would estimate that probably 50% of those who promote gun control fall into this category. They truly believe that more laws can control the behavior of evil people, and they have fallen for media-peddled myth that guns are not used defensively, and that they do not reduce violent crime. This category is where peo