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America in 2021

We travelled for four and a half months in the summer of 2021 in an RV through 17 states throughout the heartland of America.  We travelled from Indiana through Illinois and Iowa to South Dakota where we stayed for three weeks, then onto Wyoming where we stayed a week, two weeks in Montana, a week in Idaho, two weeks in Utah.  We drove through Nevada and down the Vegas strip before literally stepping foot into California, which was about as much time as we wanted to spend there.  We then spent a  week in Arizona, two weeks in Colorado, two weeks in New Mexico, three weeks in Texas, drove through Louisiana, a week in Arkansas, a week in Mississippi and a week in Tennessee before returning to Indiana. We learned that, in general, Americans are still united and eager to help one another.  Nearly everyone we met was friendly, particularly in the RV spaces, but that's always been the case with RVers who tend to look out for each other.  While p olitical and media forces are working over

A Frustrated Population

What happened today with protestors storming the Capitol Building should not be at all surprising. I've been warning this would happen for some time now. Americans see an election process with procedures that were not approved by state legislatures (as required by the Constitution) which resulted in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots that could not be observed and that statistical analysis demonstrated to be fraudulent. Americans are being taught that they can't trust the ballot box. Americans take their evidence and grievances to the media, who laugh at them and suppress their claims and evidence. Americans share their evidence and grievances on social media where they are suppressed and blocked. On YouTube, for example, you can't say that there was election fraud that affected the election, or your account will be banned. Americans are being taught that they can't trust the soap box. Americans then take their evidence and grievances to the courts, where the