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Conservative Rebirth

They're calling it Generation Z.  Those born between roughly 1995 and 2010 are the most conservative generation in over 70 years, and the largest generation in terms of numbers.  They are about to become the next large voting demographic, replacing millennials, and they will have an obvious impact on the result of elections for a long time to come. They care about societal issues, but they have little faith in government to get things done.  They believe, according to those who have studied them, in entrepreneurship, work, innovation, and fiscal conservatism.  They are fierce supporters of individualism and the personal freedoms enshrined by the Constitution.  According to Goldman Sachs, "A recent Harvard Business Review article suggested that nearly 70% of Gen-Z teens were 'self-employed' (e.g., teaching piano lessons, selling goods on eBay) vs. just 12% that held a 'traditional' teen job (e.g., waiting tables)" They have never been without the Inte