Who are the Elohim?

Elohim is a word peppered throughout the Old Testament (OT) Bible in the original Hebrew, which is typically mistranslated to English as God but as we shall see, there is a big difference between the elohim of the OT and the one true God of Jesus. For many, what you are about to read will be dramatic paradigm shift that will change your worldview.  I want to reassure Christians that your belief in Jesus Christ and the God of Jesus Christ will remain intact, but as you will learn, much of what you may have been taught to believe is not as you were told.  Everything in this article is based on the Bible.  It is our duty as believers  to discern that which is true from that which is false.   I encourage you to use a reverse interlinear Bible (showing the original Hebrew text and transliteration next to the English translation) to confirm everything I cite here.  I personally use Logos for this, but there are a few free options available such as the Blue Letter Bible .  Do not simply take

Our California Experience

We just left California after living there for a month, traveling around the state from Fortuna to Lodi to Kingsburg to Santa Clarita. We enjoyed seeing the sites such as the Redwoods, Sequoias, Lake Tahoe, vast vineyards and fruit orchards, the beaches, as well as more populous places like San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Disneyland, etc. I wanted to try to understand how Californians have allowed the state to collapse to the degree that it has. Even while deliberately avoiding the worst areas, we still saw rampant homelessness throughout the state from the north to the south.  There is litter nearly everywhere, and a general undercurrent of crime, with frequent graffiti, bars on windows, and more. The tourist parking lots of San Franciso were littered in broken glass from cars being broken into. This seems like the inevitable result of failure to prosecute criminals, which is the worst in the largest cities. I can understand why their police decline to put their lives and

The Lies We Are Told

According to a quote attributed to Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany, "if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."  Over the past few years, we have learned not just of a few, but of hundreds of big lies that have been told to the public, particularly by media, by governments, and even by the scientific community. I submit to you that one of the largest lies that millions still believe, is the premise that humans are a cancer upon the Earth and that human life is not, in fact, precious.  At its core, this belief comes not from humans, but from the demonic realm.  It is rooted in jealousy from beings that do not have the same connection to the Spiritual realm that humans do.  These beings are driven to do everything they can do to pervert and destroy mankind, but they do not have the power to do so directly, and so they work to convince humans to carry out their bidding.   They tirelessly promo

The Dangers of Censorship

Censorship, whether conducted by governments or private entities, is a very dangerous road for free societies to take.  I've talked about this issue before, but things may be changing for the better in some ways.  First let's talk about where we are today.  Traditional media companies and networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC,  New York Times, Washington Post,  and later CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. who dominated mass media for decades have been supplanted over the past 10 or 15 years to a large degree by tech companies and their platforms.  Old media is still around, but to get their messaging out, they rely more heavily than ever on social media and tech platforms for distribution of their content, such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and back-end providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Apple.  In the last few years, especially as the world has grappled with COVID-19, messaging on those platforms has been increasingly restricted and censored to promote a particular narr

America in 2021

We travelled for four and a half months in the summer of 2021 in an RV through 17 states throughout the heartland of America.  We travelled from Indiana through Illinois and Iowa to South Dakota where we stayed for three weeks, then onto Wyoming where we stayed a week, two weeks in Montana, a week in Idaho, two weeks in Utah.  We drove through Nevada and down the Vegas strip before literally stepping foot into California, which was about as much time as we wanted to spend there.  We then spent a  week in Arizona, two weeks in Colorado, two weeks in New Mexico, three weeks in Texas, drove through Louisiana, a week in Arkansas, a week in Mississippi and a week in Tennessee before returning to Indiana. We learned that, in general, Americans are still united and eager to help one another.  Nearly everyone we met was friendly, particularly in the RV spaces, but that's always been the case with RVers who tend to look out for each other.  While p olitical and media forces are working over

A Frustrated Population

What happened today with protestors storming the Capitol Building should not be at all surprising. I've been warning this would happen for some time now. Americans see an election process with procedures that were not approved by state legislatures (as required by the Constitution) which resulted in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots that could not be observed and that statistical analysis demonstrated to be fraudulent. Americans are being taught that they can't trust the ballot box. Americans take their evidence and grievances to the media, who laugh at them and suppress their claims and evidence. Americans share their evidence and grievances on social media where they are suppressed and blocked. On YouTube, for example, you can't say that there was election fraud that affected the election, or your account will be banned. Americans are being taught that they can't trust the soap box. Americans then take their evidence and grievances to the courts, where the

First Principles of Conservatism

We conservatives are sometimes misunderstood and frequently misrepresented by those on the left, including mainstream media and by others with a political agenda that run diametrically opposed to what we believe and stand for.  So what do we believe?  What do we stand for?  Let's have a look. We believe in God, our almighty creator, the ultimate source of love and good in the world. We believe that all humans were created equal, in God's image, with his divine spirit and that all human life is sacred. We believe that we are a reflection of God's spirit on Earth and it is our duty to promote good and confront evil wherever it is found. We do not believe it is our right, or calling, to force a particular religion or viewpoint on others. We believe that the founders of America were intelligent, perhaps divinely inspired, in their principles that were codified in the American Constitution. We believe in absolute truth, and justice based on that truth which is sought out above a