Upper GI Endoscopy

I had an Upper GI Endoscopy (camera that goes down your esophagus / stomach) @ Deaconess Clinic today. The oddest part is the 'conscious sedation' with amnesia induced by the drug Midazolam that they give via an IV for the procedure. I remember saying to the nurse "Wow this stuff works quickly, the room is already spinning." The next thing I remembered was saying "Hi" to Heather when I was in recovery (probably about an hour later). I have no memory whatsoever of the procedure or the recovery otherwise, even though I was conscious and carrying on conversations. I also don't remember a few other things- like the drive home (Heather was driving, not me :) or discussing the results with the nurse. Heather told me later I said this and that, she said this and that- but I have zero recollection of it. That's a very weird experience indeed. On the plus side- I have no pain or other negative after effects from the procedure. If you ever have to have it done, it's no big deal at all, since you don't remember it anyway. :-)


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